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by Dries on January 13, 2011

I’ve been following the debate between people in design, research, technology and any type of combination of these terms from the sideline. Last year somewhere, Donald Norman got a whole bunch of comments on a piece he wrote on design research and innovation which let to a lot of follow up posts and clarifications of terminology.

Today I read this column by Jon Kolko about the relation between design research and innovation. I really like the way that Kolko describes the process of design research, and doesn’t really care about how big or small the innovation is. He’s just pointing out the value of design research which seems a much more fitting way to talk about it.

I have the feeling Kolko managed to capture the points raised by Norman in a more practical and understandable way.

Why do I blog this?

When I read Jon Kolko’s article, it pretty much reflects the way I would want to work and how I think about a design process. Since it is sometimes hard to explain that to people, writings like these make it a little bit more easy to discuss the importance of (design) research.

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